Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to Setup Item Categories flexfield of Oracle inventory

After defining System item flexfield next step to do is to define Item categories flexfield .
1. Go to Inventory responsibility and open Key Fleffield 
    Flexfield -> Key -> Segmetns
Key Flex Field
In flexfield title search for Item Categories.
Item Categories

2. Enter new record in this case ORK Item Categories. Now click on segments to enter segments summary.

3. You can define any number of segments according to your business requirement  here is this example we   will define three segments.

4. Enter first segment as Super Category. assign column and value set to this segment.
5. Repeatedly do above step for both next segments.Column indicates the database fields that will hold entered value for specific segment. Now enter your desired item segments name and their corresponding value sets.
6. Now freeze flexfield and compile it.

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  1. Hi,
    I nee some help regarding Oracle Inventory. I am unable to create items using Master Items Form. I've entered some items in the system item flexfield value set. Then i define category codes and category set for those items. After that i entered the item code that i gave in system items as a unique identifier in Master item form. but at the end master item form close with out saving.Hence items aren't available for Purchase Requisitions and Receipts. I am working on R12.1.1. Please Help.

    Usman Latif